31 (or really 28) days of five minute free writes

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Ever since my first “Five Minute Friday” post on July 26, 2013, I’ve been hooked on the five-minute free writes hosted first by Lisa Jo Baker, and then more recently by Kate Motaung. (You can read all of my Five Minute Friday posts thus far here.) It’s an encouraging writing community to link up with, and it’s a good exercise in writing. The idea is five minutes of unedited free-write on a given topic.

This year, I’ve taken Kate’s challenge to join with The Nester’s 31-days challenge by doing 31 days of five-minute free writes in October.¬†Here goes!

[I will be adding links to each day when the post goes live.]

Day 1: move

Day 2: view

Day 3: new

—after getting warmed up with Kate’s prompts, I’m going to mix it up with a few of my own in the days that follow (marked with a *)—

Day 4: Chicago*

Day 5: Mexico*

Day 6: Ireland*

Day 7: Haiti*

Day 8: Philadelphia*

Day 9: New York City*

Day 10: care

Day 11: teach

Day 12: rest

Day 13: work

Day 14: New Jersey*

Day 15: South Carolina*

Day 16: Virginia*

Day 17: long

Day 18: chocolate*

Day 19: school*

Day 20: manna*

Day 21: color*

Day 22: expect

Day 23: pumpkin*

Day 24: dare

Day 25: enjoy

Day 26: visit

Day 27: free

Day 28: unite

Day 29: wake

Day 30: first

Day 31: leave