day 8: Philadelphia

Five years of life in this city that too often falls prey to ill repute. And I know why when I remember the crazy aggressive drivers I encountered when I first moved there the fall of 2004 to begin seminary. The culture has sharp edges and the people can, at first, seem harsh (especially to one accustomed to the genteel South). But of all the places I’ve lived, this one draws me in like none other. Maybe because it’s where I met my husband; where I met some of the best lifelong friends; or perhaps it’s the cheesesteaks from Jim’s (better than Pat’s or Gino’s) and the “LOVE” statue and the art and the culture and the dozens of amazing restaurants we took a self-guided tour of while we were dating.

I love this city of brotherly love because of the love I found there. Not only through dating and our first three years of marriage, but also through my fellow seminary students at Westminster Theological Seminary, and the family we found at Cresheim Valley Church, and a friend named Lauren we met because we frequented the restaurant-cafe where she worked while she was in school.

Philadelphia, I’m sending my love to you through these words and realizing that I need much longer than five minutes to capture this city most fully. Philadelphia

3 thoughts on “day 8: Philadelphia

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  2. Yep, it’s a different, more blunt culture there. But it’s my roots and I love it! Grew up in Willow Grove and Horsham. Graduated from Hatboro-Horsham High School. Always went to Calvary Presbyterian Church in Willow Grove! Glad you mentioned cheesesteaks! My fav!!! I’ve lived elsewhere for more than 40 years but I still have friends there and I still call it “home”!

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