day 18: chocolate

It’s the tiniest little luxury that I allow myself on a daily basis: the crunch of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate sea salt almonds. Healthy? I’m sure. It sits on the back corner of my kitchen counter, easily accessible whenever I need a little respite from the preschooler fights I constantly referee or the house chaos I seem to be always fighting a (losing) battle against.

But this small bite of chocolate-sea salt can transport me away from all of that to a brief moment of pure food delight. It sounds pitiable, and sometimes I see that myself and think – “is this an unhealthy escape right now? what if I prayed as much as I reached for chocolate almonds? would there be more peace in my home, in my heart?” That’s what can be so darn troubling about being a woman who over-analyzes everything. I can’t even enjoy my bite of chocolate in peace. 

Then again, I remind myself that I belong to a God who has given every good thing for us to enjoy. And so I reach over for the chocolate-sea salt almond, take a small handful (or a half dozen), and eat with joy and gratitude for a God who’s even more present than my box of chocolates.


Part of the October writing challenge to write 31 days of 5-minute prompts. See more here.

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