About me

Welcome to my blog! I’m a Carolina girl married to a Jersey boy raising twin daughters in Virginia where my husband is a pastor; I’m a counselor; and we frequent the beach every chance we can get. Writing is a conversation for me, and  it’s my ultimate self-counseling project as I seek to make sense of the broken beauty of this world. Broken because of sin; beautiful because of its Creator and Redeemer who has left his indelible stamp of grace on every day.

I began blogging *way* back in September 2005 when I was in my second year of seminary, studying to be a counselor and beginning to date the man who would become my husband. Writing for me started long before that – in the locked pages of a daily diary my aunt gave me when I was 10-years-old. That began the journey for me of finding words and a refuge for expressing and responding to life. For awhile, there was a lot about crushes on boys and feeling left out, but this journaling transitioned with my faith journey to become my heart’s cry to a God who is there. 

I’ve always known who God was and why I needed Jesus, but the more I grew up, the more I realized I needed (and could have) a personal relationship with God. High school was the first turning point for me, college at Wheaton was another one, and experiencing faith-defying suffering post-college was the next one. My parents were both diagnosed with cancer within two weeks of each other in December 2003; a few months before that I’d experienced my first real heartbreak; and there would be another one to come before meeting and marrying Seth in August 2006. I say that suffering activated my faith. It was already there, but trials served to reveal its existence and force me to cling more tightly to the God who was holding me through it all. That’s the draw for me as a counselor – walking into the darkness of all types of suffering and helping another to see God even there. Through the wrestling, the questions, the doubts, and the sparkles of hope along the way.

This is the big picture. There is much more I could (and will) write – but most of the high points since 2005 have been captured to some extent through blogging. Either this one, or my first one at hiddenglory.blogspot.com.

Why hidden glory? Well, because as I wrote on my inaugural post on September 13, 2005:

We are glorious beings. Yet the glory is hidden. Beneath sin, failings, and simply the frailty that comes with being human. I desire to explore this strangely beautiful dichotomy in which we are appointed as image bearers of hidden glory. And to invite others into this journey with me.

Thank you for visiting – I’m honored by your presence here.

Heather Nelson

PS – Interested in continuing the dialogue? You can email me by completing this contact form, which is delivered straight to my inbox.


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Heather!

    Just checked out this new blog of yours. Looks like you and Seth are doing well and still plugging away at seminary–but did you graduate? Andrew (my husband) is still doing the same. In fact, I’m auditing Hebrew with him starting Monday…well, that’s the plan anyway. I’m prepared to admit defeat if it’s too much to handle.🙂

    Love ya,
    Lauren (Tanana) Frith

  2. Wow, I read some of your most recent blog about the changing pregnant body and how we feel experiencing that change. Really good stuff here. Wow, you should send some of this into a christian magazine or focus on the family magazine. Really good!! Ruth

    • Thanks for visiting, Phyllis! We do have a lot in common. And we were in a CCEF class together recently – I was your RI for Marriage Counseling. Welcome to my blog!

  3. We have more in common than being married to pastors and you having the name of our daughter AND daughter-in-law. THAT can be confusing. My husband and I love spending time at the beach. Most Saturdays we enjoy a walk there and are fortunate to have weather allowing us to do this year-round. I see we’re both in ‘caring’ professions too. I think I’ve seen your blog title before so it’s nice to see the face, and person, behind the title. I think I’ll be back.

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