About me

Welcome to my blog! I am wife to Seth and mama to twin daughters, author of Unashamed: HealingĀ Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame (Crossway, 2016). I enjoy writing, coffee, deep conversations, travel, the beach, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yet I spend most of my days in the ordinary life of working a 9-to-5 to support my Ph.D.-pursuing husband while we raise our daughters, with the accompanying piles of laundry, homework, dishes, and to-do lists.

Home for us could be any place that owns a piece of our hearts and stories – like Philadelphia, where we attended seminary, met and spent the first few years of newly married and new-in-ministry life together; Norfolk, Virginia, where we had our twins and our pastoring/counseling ministries for almost a decade. But for now “home” is South Carolina, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and in the same city where I was raised – where most of our extended family now resides as well. (Sidebar/family shout-outs to younger brother #1, Dr. Jonathan Davis, a med-peds physician who’s been a guest writer for me on the topic of parenting, and who is married to Nicole, an incredibly gifted photographer at Captured Iris Photography, and to younger brother #2, Bryan Davis, owner and woodworker at Davis Design Furniture, who’s married to Megan, mama-extraordinaire whose Instagram of life with her three boys is well worth following.)

In this blogging space, I write to find the wonder in the every day, to seek connection that comes with being fellow humans created to make sense of the broken beauty of our hearts and this world. Broken because of sin; beautiful because of its Creator and Redeemer who has left his stamp of grace on every day.

Why hidden glory? Because we are glorious beings. Yet the glory is hidden. Beneath sin, failings, and the frailty that comes with being human. I want to explore the beautiful and the broken, the glorious and the ordinary, and to invite you into this journey with me. I hope you’ll return and will find words of life and grace here, and that you’ll walk away with courage to live and love more freely.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Just discovered your blog and at 66 yrs. old finally learning about my shame and trying to find healthy ways to deal with it. Looking forward to reading your book and your blog! God Bless!

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