what Google says I need

I’ve seen this quiz/activity a couple times now – on facebook, and my friend Jill’s post and I had to follow suit. You google your first name and “needs” and list the first 10 things that come up. Here’s mine — for some laughs! 

What I need (acc. to Google): 

1. Two therapists – definitely! As a counselor myself, I do think that there are benefits to “talking it out” … though TWO therapists could be confusing, since each counselor/therapist inevitably approaches counseling from their own bent. 

2. A childhood – umm, no – I like mine pretty well and wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s. 

3. Something more to be satisfied – of course! yet I think that’s found in a relationship with Christ – and it’s what I’m awaiting in the hope of resurrection and a new creation

4. Two therapists – ok, I get the point …

5. to grow up – some moments, I’m sure I do need to (no comment, please)

6. a childhood – again, I like mine ok …

7. men now – not at all! I’m very glad to be married to Seth – he is much more than what I want and exactly who I need

8. help – probably … 

9. facebook – too often, sad but true

10. an eccentric beauty parlor owner as her ‘official spokesperson’ – only if this meant I got free beauty treatments whenever I wanted to! 

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