day 29: wake

As I approach the end of the 31-day writing challenge, I have to admit that I am feeling a bit weary of this type of writing. I am eager to share with you, my readers, what has been on my heart. And this format does not best lend itself to that. Plus I’m realizing that I would much rather blog 1-2 times a week with what’s flowing from my life than to write every day. Quality v. quantity. I did take a break last week to share about Seasonal Affective Disorder, and I look forward to following up on that soon. Other topics in my head and heart –  generosity Macedonian-style,  a few book reviews of Teach Us to Want, Simplicity Parenting, and In Our Lives First, and the ever-present reality of embracing imperfection. So, thank you, dear readers old and new for following along this 31-day journey. We’re nearing the finish line! (And I was also happy to know that even the Nester who organizes write 31 days posted about her break, almost simultaneously with her sister, Emily Freeman, writing the same. I am not alone. !)

But – back to today’s word. It’s a good one. Here I go – five minutes of writing unedited:


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What will it mean for you to wake up today? What will it take for you to be awake? Fully awake in your life, generously opening up your hands, your heart, your mind, your gifts to the world around you? For me waking starts with a shower, quiet reflection and journaling, reading the words of life (Scripture), and then a good, strong cup of coffee with French Vanilla creamer in it. I wake so that I can be present with my ever-energetic 4-year-old twin daughters, so that I can engage with the friends I will meet today and the strangers whose paths will cross mine. I wake in order not to miss life as it passes me by.

Spiritually, I must also daily wake my soul. There’s a quote in our home painted by a friend years ago that says, “We who would be born again indeed must wake our souls multiple times a day.” It is so true. I must wake up to my life, to the spiritual realities within which I dwell. For battle – we wage daily against the spiritual forces of darkness whether aware or not – and for love. Love requires all of my faculties to be awake.


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