Top 5 weekly links

Enjoy …

  1. When I read this post at “Chatting At The Sky,” I thought about the sweet group of middle and high school girls at the youth retreat I had the privilege of speaking at a few weekends ago – and these are three good words for any of us: “Go make art.” Excited to begin reading Emily Freeman’s bookGrace for the Good Girl, this week!
  2. From my new favorite pastor’s wife/counselor blogger at “Grace Covers Me,” a post about knowing God and basking in grace instead of focusing on others’ opinions: the more you know”
  3. Reassurance for my newly taken up habit of drinking coffee again (LOVING it). Where have you been the past few years, dear caffeine? I’ve missed you … This is your brain on coffee
  4. I’m on a home decorating kick lately, and *free* is always better for the budget. Love these over at French Press Mornings
  5. Some good, practical parenting wisdom answering the question, “Should I make my child apologize?” from Jen Wilkin


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