the Phillies win (and Philadelphia with them)

There is a horn honking loudly as a car zooms by our apartment. Any other night at 12:45, I would be ticked. Tonight I’m excited. Earlier we heard fireworks. More than I’ve ever heard — perhaps even including 4th of July. What’s set the city ablaze?

The Phillies won the World Series! In part 2 of the longest ever game 5 of the World Series … and perhaps the worst weather for it as well. Between the slashing rain on Tuesday evening and tonight’s 20’s wind chill, determination and perseverance were needed to push through to win over Tampa Bay Rays.

The whole city has been anticipating this all week. Perhaps even for the 25 years since any major Philadelphia team has won a major championship. There’s been a buzz in the air, and it’s only increased the closer we came to this game. Apparently, “the city’s biggest party ever” broke loose on Broad Street as soon as the game ended tonight. For a city known to be fiercely loyal (expressed in the fans’ famous “boos” and their relentless cheers even through rain), this win means that they, too, have won. It’s a victory we all share in (even those of us who are “transplants”). Read more about it here:

Go Phillies! Now I MUST go to bed …

One thought on “the Phillies win (and Philadelphia with them)

  1. I’ve never heard of anything else where one party wins and that win is transferred to others. Especially not like this where the citizens certainly could not have beat their opponent on their own–someone else had to do it for them…

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