A prayer for Easter life

“I am the resurrection and the life.”  I need some of this life. My friends who are grieving the loss of their friend to cancer need the resurrection. Death is so foreign to life – its opposite, isn’t it? We need resurrection hope this Easter.

And I need the hope of life as I grieve the separation from family and feel like there are too many places that are dead within me. I need Your life to awaken me. To remind me of the joy of this calling of being a mother. I feel an absence of life when there is truly an abundance of it. The abundance of lives has made my life feel weary. Mundane. Monotonous. Even (especially?) on Easter.

Lord, who is alive, give me life. Joy. Hope. Lift my eyes from my self-imposed misery to the miraculous empty tomb. Empty of my sin because it died with Jesus at the cross. Empty of my misery because the living Redeemer is pushing back the darkness. Empty of death because my Savior vanquished it on the third day …

3 thoughts on “A prayer for Easter life

  1. Oh, Heather, I completely relate to this post. I am broken and down trodden and in some ways, understand the need for resurrection more than I ever have in life. A joyous and broken feeling this Easter Saturday.

  2. Funny, I look at the life you call “mundane” and see a life filled with surprise and adventure. It awes me how you do so much and handle so much responsibility with such grace, humor and elegance. Joy is there beyond measure.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Allison & Amy. I appreciate your encouragement, Amy, and it’s always good to be able to relate, Allison. As an update, God did meet me this morning with HIS joy and a renewed sense of Life. Thankful for the Spirit’s enlivening work.

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