Day 1: how I found out I was having twins

February 3, 2010 / 4 weeks pregnant

I could barely sleep for excitement – knowing I would be taking a pregnancy test in the morning. And I found out that I am pregnant. I am with child. There’s a little BABY growing inside me. I’m in shock I think … disbelief … overjoyed. And yet not really entirely surprised. No, I take that back. I AM entirely surprised. Entirely. Absolutely.

But the excitement was soon replaced by fear when I started spotting unexpectedly. My mind immediately went to the saddest place: miscarriage. At age 30, I’d walked alongside many friends on this journey of heartbreaking loss. I knew it was a very real possibility. So when my OB-GYN asked me to come in sooner than the scheduled appointment to see what was going on, I assumed the worst. My husband, Seth, accompanied me.

February 17, 2010 / 6 weeks

my first glimpse of twins during my first ultrasound at 6 weeks

my first glimpse of twins during my first ultrasound at 6 weeks

We are expecting TWINS – What joy! What a surprise ~ what a miracle to hear two heartbeats yesterday! Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I can’t help but connect this to my secret hope and desire that I’d have twins. I’ve always wanted to have twins, and it really does feel like a dream come true! (I’m sure I’ll need to be reminded of that when I’m in such intense discomfort and we’re getting no sleep …!)

Now that was an understatement. But I’m getting way, way ahead of myself. I’ll introduce this series by going ahead and answering one of the pressing questions you have if you don’t have twins, and the questions you’ve heard ad nauseam if you do:

So were they natural? (usually followed up with) Do twins run in your family

My favorite answer is from another twin mama who likes to say, “Yes. They’re natural. We had sex.” I chuckled and cheered inside when she told me, but I never quite had the guts to be so bold. In our case though, YES, they were “natural,” as in we were completely, utterly surprised to be expecting twins and had not been through any fertility treatments nor had we been trying for very long to have kids. But did you really want to know all that when you accosted me in the grocery store as I was trying to marathon it through without one or both babies waking? In my more gracious moments, I know you’re simply curious and intrigued. But it’s hard to be gracious when you know at.any.moment you could have a twin tantrum on your hands. (That will be a post later in this series.)

On to your next question – YES, twins run in my family. Both sides. My grandfather was a twin, and Seth’s great-grandmother was a twin. But what I learned through having twins is that twinning is only genetic if the twins are fraternal. Identical “just happens.” And twinning is only genetic through the maternal side of the family. So if I feel like being super-chatty with you in the checkout line, I might explain all that to you. And I may even tell you that my grandfather was an identical twin; and my husband’s twin history doesn’t count; so the *real* answer to your question is “no – twins don’t run in my family.” No other extended family member on either side has had twins in recent history.

I am quite thankful that (a) we found out so early into pregnancy because it takes me forever to process big news and this was the biggest news of my life and (b) Seth was with me at the appointment and that he was sitting down. It was only one of a handful of moments I’ve seen him being entirely surprised. (The first was when I told him that I was in fact interested in dating him. This was a month after I’d instructed him not to ask me out on a third date because I wasn’t interested nor were we emotionally connected. But that will be for another series.)

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7 thoughts on “Day 1: how I found out I was having twins

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  2. I’m guessing at this point it’s ok to “raise my hand” as the woman in the “grocery store” wondering if they were “natural” and if twins run in the family. Lol. Looking forward to following this series. And to hearing more of how you surprised Seth. As in, “don’t ask me out on a third date because we’re not emotionally connected & I’m not interested.”! Hilarious! There are so many twins at our church that I’ve often wondered if they’re all “natural” or if there’s something in the water…. Glad you cleared that one up. 🙂

    • Thanks for following along, Kishia. And I’m glad I could help educate you. 😉 I’ve found it to be a tremendous gift that there has been so much twin-comaraderie at Trinity to help me each step of the journey!

  3. My daughter had unexpected identical twins. Little girls. It was pretty scary as her first was a preemie and high risk pregnancy so having twins were more ‘risky’. The first girl was 2 pounds 11 oz and the twins were 4.6 and 4.10… God Blessed us with beautiful little girls who are now ages 16 and 11.

    • I love hearing about these twin-miracle stories. Thanks for sharing, Sharon, and I am thankful to hear that all three granddaughters are healthy. Twin pregnancy for me was a pretty harrowing journey at many turns. I hope you and your daughter will nod your head “yes” as you read along and add your thoughts, too.

  4. Love reading your twins story! I am all too familiar with those grocery store conversations (yes, identical. yes. natural. no, they don’t run in my family. yes, I have my hands full). 😀 I wrote about the day I found out I was having twins here–but my husband wasn’t with me! HA! Best phone call ever! My twins will be 8 in a week (sniff!)
    I am doing write31days too! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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