Five Minute “Friday”: “dream”

It’s been a full week – the week of “Camp” where my girls got to be part of Camp Jr., and my husband and I helped out with running the sports and arts camp that our church puts on every year in a low-income housing project. I love that it’s more than the traditional vacation Bible school – much more demographically diverse, and that it’s a launching pad to relationships with this community that we as a church nurture throughout the year. But, yes, it’s also exhausting, and we are all thankful for a low-key Saturday ahead of us.

I’ll start with Five Minute “Friday” – this week’s prompt is “dream”:


dreamDreams are what fuel ambition. They get me through the mundane and the monotonous that always comes with pursuing a dream. Like the dream of writing a book. It feels glorious until you hit writer’s block and you have a third of the book left to write. It feels better-than-amazing until faced with the challenge of carving out enough time to write from the busyness that is life.

And the dream of marriage and parenting (and a white-picket fence). We don’t have a white-picket fence, but in realizing the dream of owning our first home we also have the reality of endless home projects and maintenance/repair. Marriage and parenting? Those dreams are good and beautiful dreams, as long as I don’t let the difficulty of their real-life day-to-day taint the dream itself. The dream I had/have of marriage and parenting could be what keeps me going despite the seasons that feel so at odds with the original dream. The essence of my dream? Building a community of love around THE love of Christ. To walk towards that, to remember that, even when irritated by the competing of dreams … well, that’s worth recapturing.


One thought on “Five Minute “Friday”: “dream”

  1. I appreciated what you said about “the essence” of your dream. Accomplishing our dreams can be challenging, especially when we encounter more of the mundane than the miraculous; however, when glorifying Him is the “essence” of our dreams, if can help us to keep going. Visiting from FMF. Blessings.

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