Thankful Thursdays

{I’m thankful for} the wisdom of God shown through the “foolish” love of a crucified Jesus. Really looking forward to exploring more of the depths of this wisdom as I prepare two retreat talks – “God: The Source of All Wisdom” and “Love: Wisdom in Action.” 

{I’m thankful for} the opportunity to speak at WRPC‘s fall retreat on “Get Wisdom” and the great team of women I get to prepare and brainstorm with throughout the process.

{I’m thankful for} a fun new tradition-in-the-making of gathering neighborhood moms for “happy hour” once a week during what’s usually otherwise known as cranky hour or what I’ve heard termed “arsenic hour” – yep, post-nap, pre-dinner period between 3:30 – 5pm.

{I’m thankful for} new neighbors who are good friends who moved in a few houses down from us last weekend.

{I’m thankful for} a break in the oppressive summer heat and humidity.

{I’m thankful for} a royal baby! How fun to hear the news of this new real-live Prince George and see the excitement generated around the world.

{I’m thankful for} finishing a really great novel, The Thirteenth Tale, about twins and story and writing … many familiar subjects to me.

{I’m thankful for} a quiet weekend ahead, full of beautiful beach days (I hope) and good family memories built – especially excited to see some of Seth’s cousins who are in the area. I *heart* living in a place people like to visit in the summer.


Want to join up with me for “Thankful Thursdays”? If so, grab the button above; leave your blog address in the comments below, and link back to this post. I’m thankful for “Loved and Lovely” for such beautiful artwork that I’m using. No rules on this as far as how many “thank you’s” or that it needs to be profound and deep. Let’s practice together opening our eyes to the grace that we’re showered with daily.

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