“Chasing Life, Longing for Rest” retreat update

Thanks to so many of you who were praying for me as I prepared and especially to the helpful feedback from my last post. It went really well this weekend – much better than I expected actually. I’ve enjoyed having today as a true Sabbath – day of rest – after what’s been such an exhausting schedule. And I feel energized from being part of God’s work in a new way this past weekend.

I started on Friday night with being a bit nervous, and when I took the last few minutes to pray/journal it was the following: “God – it’s minutes away from my first big talk to women at Trinity’s retreat. I’m nervous – as you know – and excited at how you will be strong in my weakness – my “fear and trembling.” Lord – come – settle my heart. Speak to these women your words to their hearts.”

And God certainly did just that. He calmed me so that I wasn’t nervous when being introduced and when I stepped up to take the mike – and looked out at the faces of 80+ women. Once I started speaking, I really sensed that God took over. Thoughts and illustrations came to me that I had not been able to think of during the preparation time. He gave me grace to connect with these women and speak the sweet invitation of the gospel (to come to Jesus for true life and rest) to their hearts.

I was both more exhausted and exhilarated than I thought I would be. It was a very worshipful experience for me, more than I could have imagined. The words to the worship songs really fit perfectly with the talks – songs like “Jesus I come” which was a perfect intro for my talk on Friday night.

I’m going to post part of my talks in increments. After all the time that went into the preparation, I want others to be able to benefit as well … and it’s a good reminder to me of how much I continue to need the rest only Jesus offers.

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