women’s poll on busyness/rest

I’m preparing to speak at a women’s retreat this weekend. The theme: “Chasing Life – Longing for Rest.” My questions for the women who read this blog (please post if you have a minute): (1) would you say you’re “too busy”? (2) if so, why do you think you’re so busy? (3) what do you do to find rest?

Answer any or all … if you have time (ha, ha).

4 thoughts on “women’s poll on busyness/rest

  1. (1) not currently, but i think i felt that way for a lot of last year.
    (2) that internal drive to be accomplishing my goals and do the things that give me a sense of being needed
    (3) unhealthy: watch too much tv, which is not deep rest, but is more like distraction. i feel most rested when i stop running, and slow down to journal, pray, and listen to Jesus. so often i am afraid of what i will hear from him and i think that i will find life from other things, but then when i really spend time in his presence, i realize how restful and freeing that really is.

  2. Great questions Heather!! I wish I could be there for the retreat. May God use you to bring His rest. I would say that I have seasons of business but thankfully right now I wouldn’t describe my life as “too busy” but I would say that it never seems like there are enough hours in the day to get everything done that I would like to or need to. I am just learning to let those things go and being ok with a running “to do” list. Making time for rest seems like it constantly gets pushed down the list but I feel most rested after some quiet, alone time (a long bath or walk, or a good nap)

  3. 1) Lately I have definitely been too busy
    2) I am constantly thinking of ideas for things to do, and the process of planning and doing all these things often takes a lot of time and energy. Sometimes I think I am too driven by wanting to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way or by having personal excellence in everything I do. I think we all want to have a fulfilled life, to express ourselves creatively, and to feel that we are making a positive contribution to the world.
    3) Ha, ha I have not been very good at resting lately. I do usually make time to pray and meditate on God’s word at the beginning of the day before all the tasks I have to do take over. I also try to take time while I am driving in the car or working on mindless things like laundry to play worshipful music to set my heart on what’s really important. I am also realizing the importance of having some time set aside every week where nothing is planned. Sometimes this means saying no to some things I might really want to do, but it’s better for my sanity and my ability to keep going long term without burning out.

  4. I am definitely NOT too busy. I haven’t had this little to do in my entire life it seems, but I would not say that I have rest or am restful in the way that I live my life. In contrast I am restless, and I think it has more to do with the discipline of my heart than my circumstances – though a busier schedule would give me more rationalization for my feeling 🙂

    It is actually hard to rest much easier to zone out for a time. . .

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