a sick day

I’m at home sick … but I’m not so sick I can’t do anything. So it’s probably the best kind of sick day. I had a fever last night and a super sore throat, so I decided this morning that it was best to call in sick. To rest instead of pushing it.

I don’t know what I’ll do with my day. Read a few of the books from the always-changing stack on my bedside table (i can’t ever just read one at a time). Catch up on emails, perhaps. Find new friends on facebook. Call about a few new apartments. Officially switch my blog over to wordpress??

Or perhaps have this blog as one where I post various writings more than biographical details. We’ll see…

One thought on “a sick day

  1. Greetings from your in-laws. Blog-sites are a fun way of catching up on your “writings”. Glad that we checked out your new blog site right away so we can be praying that you will get over your fever and sore throat quickly. Love from Mom and Dad Nelson

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