the beauty of a new blog

Welcome to my updated blog! I’ll have to be honest…the real reason I switched is because I liked the design templates better here at But I just realized that it’s a bit harder to load pictures. Anyone have suggestions for how to best utilize wordpress to do this? It’s not as user-friendly as blogspot…so back to blogspot I go (for tonight at least). []

Ok…so I just figured out how to upload a picture. A bit more complicated, but it may be worth it. Stay tuned…

Here’s a picture of Seth and I from dinner at the William Penn Inn celebrating my graduation with our parents:

Seth and Heather celebrating graduation

3 thoughts on “the beauty of a new blog

  1. They’ve just changed the way everything works ‘behind the scenes’ at wordpress about a week ago. The image uploading is still being worked on a bit, I think. So it should get easier again.

    BTW, I tried to email you earlier and had it bounced back. Is your inbox full?

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