Five Minute Friday: “gather”

Week in a summary: Had a lovely, soul-refreshing visit with Kimberly and Erick; then got hit with laryngitis; had hard-but-good conversations with two close friends (after laryngitis was over, of course …) which reminded me that working through conflict actually strengthens and deepens true friendships; and now we are looking forward to a visit from my Mom this weekend (in response to the SOS text I sent her on Monday – saying “we can’t do this anymore. Help needed from Gigi, please?!”). Oh, yes, and right in the middle of this week, I was privileged to hear the rich teaching of Ruth 2 that God provides generously and specifically for his people (and for the “outsider” – Ruth). Thank you, Sara, for teaching us this week.

And now, this Friday morning, I come to Five Minute Friday – a 5-minute unedited writing exercise – a familiar writing anchor as the weeks roll by.


One day we will all gather there together. From every tribe, tongue, and nation, says Revelation. We will gather at the throne room of our glorious King, and we will worship. We will be in full-soul delight, no more sin or crying or sadness or tears or injustice or frustration or brokenness or wounding. Nothing but worship. Loving and being loved perfectly. Aahh, how beautiful that Day will be!

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But we will have to be gathered there. Which implies a scattering beforehand, and that is certainly true of our lives right now. We are scattered physically, emotionally, spiritually. We are individuals who are broken into a thousand pieces of ourselves, and we are trying to be made whole again. And we, the Church, are scattered into a thousand corners of this globe – as God sees fit – in an attempt to gather in, to bring in, those who are not yet here. We are scattered from brothers and sisters who are being persecuted today. Beheaded, hunted for their faith. And they belong to us, and we to them. (But we forget – let us gather our thoughts to be present with them through at least our prayers today.) We are scattered from our brothers and sisters who are impoverished while we complain that we can’t afford the latest in home and fashion style. We are scattered from each other in our churches by our busy lives and busy schedules and self-centered hearts. 

We have One who even now is gathering us together. He is healing the fragmented pieces of our hearts and our souls and our churches and The Church/Kingdom. Let us look to Him for Lenten repentance, and let us beg Him to continue to gather us together, until the day when we will celebrate face-to-face.gather


7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: “gather”

  1. Oh friend the beauty of your words pulls at my heart. The hope I have is that even right now, in this space He is gathering us together. See, you and me otherwise unconnected have been gathered together here as sisters in Christ to spread hope and love with our words. Delighted to be gather with you today as your neighbor at FMF.

  2. My comment disappeared I don’t know if it posted so I’ll attempt to reconstruct my words.
    Oh sweet friend to joy I have in reading your words. Though we are scattered He is gathering even now. It is evidenced in our gathering, me and you otherwise separated but coming together as sisters in Christ to bring hope, encouragement and love with our words. Right now, real time we are gathering. So happy to be your neighbor at the FMF linkup. Today is my 1st time participating and your words were a sweet welcome to the FMF family.

  3. A thousand times AMEN! Every language… every ethnic group… every nation… what a wonderful vision to remember our common destiny, no matter the tears and brokenness this side of heaven, he is faithful, and he will do it. Great post Heather x

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