Five Minute “Friday”: paint

Another week of catching my breath while juggling preschool drop-offs and pick-ups with a busy counseling schedule, and not one but two kids’ Easter parties, and hosting a small appetizer & dessert thank-you for the missions team at our church last night, and in the midst of it all, seeking to create time and space for soul-art. How fitting that this week’s word is “paint”!


Paint is just too messy. This has been proven over and over again in the short 3.5 years I’ve had with my twin daughters. The handful of times I’ve allowed us to “take the plunge” over the precipice into paint, we have all come out quite colorful. And usually that includes my language (inside my head), with notes to self pasted across my brain like post-its of “why it’s NEVER worth it to paint with twins,” “better NOT to be creative in this way,” “reasons why to keep the painting at preschool with the experts,” etc etc. Can you relate? So in reality, our house rule is that we’ll be creative with anything but paint. When it comes to my kids.

my little artists

my little artists


But how ironic! For I still love to have a paint brush in my hands, whether to repaint a room or to dabble with words and color on a canvas. Art was always a favorite subject, and it was an elective of mine through high school. Somewhere along the way, I learned that art is too messy; that it’s inefficient; that mine isn’t as good as ____. And how those lies squelch the creativity of a creative being! 

We are all artists. I am learning that anew through A Million Little Ways and The Gifts of Imperfection e-course and my own soul when I take time to step off the treadmill of performance and simply be.

I am a creative being. And so are you. Even if paint isn’t your medium, what is? Paint the art of who you are across the canvas of your life today. Without shame. With abandon. Regardless of the mess. Maybe, just maybe, I might have the courage to do the same for my preschoolers!


6 thoughts on “Five Minute “Friday”: paint

  1. Visiting you from Lisa Jo Baker FMF. Love the picture of your twins. I have four children, getting older now, but they still love to paint. What you really need for the days when you just can’t face the mess of paint or the intensity of the supervision required is a good Pinterest board of slightly less messy, messy play ideas! I’m now going to spend some time looking over your lovely blog. Nice to meet you!

  2. Postscript.
    Loved reading round your blog posts. Felt encouraged and warmed by the good things we share in Christ. Clicked ‘Follow’! Blessings x

  3. I love your suggestions of the slightly less messy play ideas, Kim! Honored that you’re following me – looking forward to checking out your blog now too. Thanks for stopping by!

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