Five Minute “Friday” (or Saturday): “Fly”

It’s Saturday, but I will not pass up my weekly opportunity to free write on a given word in five minutes with Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday community. So here it is …


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She spins and twirls, pink sparkly princess dress flowing out in a perfect circle. She spreads her arms, and knows she is flying. To fly – to float above the world that anchors us into reality, concrete, visible. Could it be that to live by faith is to fly? Not entirely detached from this earth, but able to see what’s above it?

I am always amazed by the blue sky that exists when cruising at 10,000 feet above sea level. On the most dreary, grey day, there is always sunshine to be seen when you fly. Of course, you must also descend back through those rough (often turbulent) clouds at some point. And that brings the terror into flying for many. To fly is to defy gravity, at least for a brief moment.

We all dream of flying. Of being as free as a bird, floating in the air, high above our problems and what weighs us down. If I could fly … would I? Or would it feel too terrifying to be thus unanchored from all I’ve known?

To fly – to live unencumbered like a three-year-old dancing, to have perspective on my life from “above,” to know the blue sky exists above the cloud cover, to be free as a bird – this is a life of faith in a God who sets us free, who gives perspective, who always bring joy after sorrow, with whom we live unencumbered when we live in him.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute “Friday” (or Saturday): “Fly”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how children fly without fear of falling back to earth. It’s too bad that we so often lose that faith as we age. My prayer is that I learn to fly like that again. That I use the faith I know is within me to take that step and fly. Thanks for sharing with FMF this morning!! Even though it’s Saturday. Lol.

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