thankful Thursdays

It’s easy to be thankful when it’s gloriously sunny, all seems as it should be, and your heart is happy. What about a day (like today) when it’s a bit more on the rainy/gloomy end of things? Much is as I’d want it to be … but not the two-year-olds who wake up crying because one bit the other (and it’s 30 minutes earlier than usual rise-and-shine time); nor my heart in its stubborn anger at having “my” plan for my morning interrupted. The result? A heart that feels a bit sluggish and less-than-happy about the day.

I think it’s days just like today that I need to be thankful even more so than others. It takes faith. Faith in a God who continues to be good even if I don’t *feel* it. Faith that there is beauty hidden in (or emerging from) my frustrations. So in faith, I take up my thankful Thursdays practice tonight. (Better late than never.)

{I’m thankful for} learning that what’s central to the gospel is union with Christ (thank you, Seth, for his great training on Romans yesterday for all of us women’s Bible study leaders). This means that I am more than only right with God (as important as justification is), but that I am beautified in Christ.

{I’m thankful for} a quiet evening after days and nights that have felt too full this week.

{I’m thankful for} my daughters who have caught on so well to potty training this time. What a relief to be able to consistently celebrate their success! Not perfect, but nearly.

{I’m thankful for} my first ever Cheerwine float from CookOut. Oh. So. Good.

{I’m thankful for} a beautiful movie watched with Seth this weekend, Silver Linings Playbook.

{I’m thankful for} my friend Belinda who is encouraging me to keep writing and blogging.

{I’m thankful for} Friday tomorrow!

Want to join up with me for “Thankful Thursdays”? If so, grab this button:  leave your blog address in the comments below, and link back to this post. I’m thankful for “Loved and Lovely” for such beautiful artwork that I’m using. No rules on this as far as how many “thank you’s” or that it needs to be profound and deep. Let’s practice together opening our eyes to the grace that we’re showered with daily.

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