Five Friday Links

We are in day two of potty training boot camp, take two. It’s gone much better than round one so far – both girls have had successes; much fewer accidents than round one in January. More about all that in a future post. For now, my favorite links this Friday –

1. 10 things not to do when potty training by Organic Mom. Love this! Trying to remember each of these this round.

2. For my newlywed friends out there (I know you’re reading this, Shannon 🙂 and those not-so-newlywed – a beautiful devotional on “The Power of a Promise”

3. By Kat on Inspired to Action as a good reminder of identity: I may not be the est but I am the only

4. On (in)courage by Emily Freeman on women’s fear of invisibility – Please don’t let me disappear

5. Looking to cook healthy and in season but without all the planning? Check out The Fresh 20 whose tagline is compelling, “20 ingredients, 5 healthy meals.” I haven’t tried it yet but I want to.

Enjoy … and savor your weekend. May it be a time of rest, refreshment, or at least a break from your weekday routine.

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