when you run out of words to say

There are lots of reasons for running out of words to say. I have had a few rough weeks of parenting, and so I feel drained and quite frankly hypocritical to try to say anything about anything. What I need is grace, rescue, hope for new ways of parenting, loving, living. And it’s there. So I’ve been reading and thinking more than talking lately. (not literally, just metaphorically ….) The other main reason is that in all my reading, I’ve found so many who have expressed exactly what I wanted to say or needed to hear. So why add a blog that echoes someone who’s done it much better? With that intro, here are a few favorite links as of late.

Ed Welch @ CCEF.org – “Spiritual Analysis, the New Prayer Substitute”

A Holy Experience – “When You Give Up, and You Break, You’ve Made It” 

The Gospel Coalition Blog – “I Come Messy And Ashamed” 

CCEF.org – “Parenting for God’s Kingdom, Not My Own” 

Susan Yates at MomLife Today – Help! I Feel Like I’m Ruining My Kids”

Inspired to Action – “The beauty of neediness”


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