a poem while waiting

For some reason, I thought that I would be delivering this weekend. And unless something crazy happens between now and midnight (less than 4 hours), I don’t think these will be Labor Day deliveries. I’m both relieved and also growing more eager to meet these two. So thankful we are now at 35 weeks! I found this poem that I wrote during my 29th week – to which this post itself is an answer to the prayer voiced at the end. And strange how I feel much the same as I did when I wrote this (except that I am now off bed rest, at least in theory – the reality is that my energy level and physical discomfort still keeps me from most “regular” activitiy).

Longing …

To be out of bed rest

Active again

Just one body, rather than three-in-one.

Muscles relaxing instead of stretching

Seeing face to face

Not just flutters, kicks, and bladder punches to communicate

Who will you look like?

Blue eyes, I bet, but what else?

Blonde hair, like Daddy as a kid –

Or brown hair, like me?

Big eyes taking in the world from moment one as I did?

Or scrunched in confusion and shock as you exit your cozy womb.

(I am not so cozy though)

Yes, there will be crying and feeding …

But also smiling and cooing.

Lord, how long?

I pray it’s longer still yet I also ask you to give endurance.

I feel like mine’s worn out.

One thought on “a poem while waiting

  1. what a precious poem heather!! we are all ready to see those babies too and celebrate with you! overjoyed that you have made it to 35 weeks!

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