a cure for February blues: God’s faithfulness

I will admit that I have a bit of the February blues. And it’s not the first time (see a post from February 18, 2007). The fun wintry holidays (Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day) are over. I’ve already experienced the magic of the first snowfall (or two or ten …). The “cozy winter image” of curling up beside a fireplace with a good book and cup of tea has lost its appeal. I want warmth. Sunshine you can feel. Enjoying the great outdoors without bundling up in my coat, scarf, and gloves. The 50+ degree days we had a couple weeks ago left me longing for spring, imagining that winter could truly be over (maybe the groundhog didn’t see his shadow after all?). But it’s only mid-February. Spring won’t be here for awhile.

All of that to say, my restlessness/blues led me back to an old journal to see what I wrote and how God met me in another February. And what I found was quite encouraging. I prayed two years ago today: “Lead us [Seth and I] to a place [church] of vibrant worship, service we can both enter into, and sweet fellowship with like-minded couples.” God has answered that request abundantly through our church home, Cresheim Valley Church, that found us a few short weeks after that prayer. John and Christy Leonard took us out to lunch and asked us to consider the possibility of coming on staff with the church plant in Chestnut Hill that had just begun meeting in January 2007. We joined the church as charter members in the summer of 2007. It has been all of what I prayed for two years ago, and more. We’ve enjoyed vibrant worship, an unimaginable array of service opportunities that have included a mission trip to New Orleans and late night chats with people in need, and fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ who have truly become like family to us.

It’s this reminder of God’s faithfulness (1) to hear my request (2) to answer abundantly and clearly and (3) to provide for His people that has lifted my eyes above the mundane experience of February. It spurs me on to pray and to pour out the desires of my heart to a God who is there. Two questions for you: (1) what lifts your “February blues”? and (2) how have you seen God answer prayers?