day 20: manna

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They asked, “What is it?” The white, flaky food falling from the sky, available to gather anew every morning. And that became its name – “manna/what is it.” They could not tell you what it was, but they used it and knew that it was provision from God’s hand. It built their covenantal trust in their God who every morning provided just enough for each day for each family.

My former professor, Ed Welch, compares trust in God for future provision to the Israelites’ trust of the daily, future provision of manna. I love that analogy. For I, too, need reassurance every day anew that God will provide all I need. And I, too, cannot always (or often) name what it is that I need, even looking back on something in hindsight. I just know that it’s what I needed, provided from God’s hand, and enough for every day.

It’s a daily practice of trusting God will give all I need. For today, and for the moments of this day. And that there will be a renewed supply tomorrow.

What’s my response? To open up my hands and to gather it. To look for it, and to thank God when it comes. So yesterday I thanked God for the provision of a chat with neighbors at twilight while our children played together; and today I thank God for grace of his forgiveness after losing it in anger at my daughters. It is strength to get up and to show up in my life even when I feel unmotivated or “blah.” Sufficient for each day is its own trouble, and inherent in that promise is that sufficient for its day is its own manna as well.


Part of the October writing challenge – 31 days of 5 minute free writes. Read more here.