a farewell meditation to 2015

Today is bittersweet.

Tomorrow the calendar turns to a new year, leaving this one behind us.

May we hold close the moments of 2015 where you, God, showed up in new and perhaps surprising ways.

May we let go of all that we can and should and need to as we relinquish our failures, disappointments, sins – and those of others.

May we hold dear the ones who were born to us this year.

And may we cherish the memory of those we said good-bye to this year, the tears leading the way down our pathways of grief – a pathway that leads to the heart of God who weeps with and for his people.

Our hearts can be at rest as we look backward and as we seek what’s next because our hearts rest in the Faithful God, unchanging from age to age. 

Herein lies our hope for 2016’s horizon dawning a bit brighter than that of 2015.

Herein lies our hope that if 2016 feels markedly bleaker and darker than 2015, we will not be lost. For Jesus never loses his sheep, and he carries us close to his heart.

Happiest of New Years to you, readers!